Founders of Libby are on a mission to help students save on textbooks. Hence they've come up with a plan for a marketplace where students can trade textbooks with their peers. I joined them to build the web application.

My Contributions

We’ve worked closely with the founders to plan user journeys and actions, determine how the transactions should work and all other technical aspects of the application.

I’ve built a Single Page Application with Angular on frontend and an ExpressJS powered API on backend.

Integration with Braintree

Payments are powered by Braintree Payments. Their API allows Libby to act as a mediator. Transaction funds are kept in an escrow account until the purchase is final and confirmed by the buyer.

This makes the purchase process safe for both parties.

On the backend we’re using Braintree API to deal with payments.

Price Comparison Tool

In addition to purchasing a book on the marketplace, students can look for best prices on from other sellers. Price comparison uses multiple external APIs to check for lowest prices. Libby app fetches and aggregates the data, then displays the results in a user friendly way.


A web solution to solve a business case was built. It allows students to trade their textbooks in a straightforward, safe and swift way.