My most recent project. Palapa is a real-time application built with Vue, Express, Apollo GraphQL and MySQL.

The biggest challenge for me was working on the DOM. I have learned a lot about using HMTL's content-editable for text composer, how the DOM really works and a great deal of its quirks.

I loved the technology stack we're using for Palapa. GraphQL is an awesome way to communicate between client and the server, while VueJS is a pleasant framework to work with.

View it on palapa.co.


Tower Bridge Lift Times - Alexa Skill

First, let's agree that naming is not my strongest feat.

Now, creating an Alexa skill was fun and educational.

I've learned how voice design works, how easy it is do deploy an Alexa skill to AWS using Lambdas.

Someone even left a 5 star review!

The skill can be found and added to Alexa here.

Tower Bridge Lift Times
Tower Bridge Lift Times Review


Libby is an online marketplace built with AngularJS, Express and MySQL.

It uses Braintree to support a multi-vendor marketplace, holding funds in escrow and releasing payments when the order is completed.

Users can also search for textbook deals via a price comparison tool. It uses multiple external APIs to find the best prices.

Unfortunately, the website is no longer active, as the founders moved on to other projects.

Libby Libby
Anthony Markey

Eligijus is an experienced developer who has an expertise in single page applications, among others. He is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and provides a great perspective from a technical and business standpoint. Highly recommend.

- Anthony Markey, Co-Founder & CEO at Libby